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New Books! New Series! New Fiction!

I have been digging through your suggestions in the bowl, and I’m excited to tell you that we have added over 100 new books to circulation this year!  You wanted new books- and lots of new adventure/ fantasy.  Here are just a few that came in:  

The Spring Book Fair is Coming!

April 18-21 is our Spring Book Fair, and we are excited! The theme is a 60’s groovy celebration.  So bring your flower power and get your reading ON!

Books in the 700’s!

Our Cat in the Hat board is highlighting a special section of the nonfiction side of the library this week- the 700s!  Do you like to make crafts?  Draw?  Play sports?  Then this is your section!  Pop on over to dig through and find a book you wouldn’t usually go hunting for.

Catholic Schools Week!

What a fun week of celebrating Catholic Schools Week with all of you! I am so blessed to get to work with such an amazing group of talented kids. To celebrate our faith, I have pulled some of our favorite books about God and made a little display.  I hope you enjoy!


You guys are totally all about Star Wars these days!  I can’t keep our Star Wars books on the shelves!  So to make it a little easier for you to find our most popular books, I made a little display.  BIG thanks to Alvaro for the incredible Darth Vader mask!  Didn’t he do an amazing… Read more »


It’s raining, it’s pouring… A whole lot more than usual. Did you know about the games we have stashed up high on a shelf?  Next time you’re rained out of recess, come on by!  The Rush Hour game is lots o fun, and you really can’t go wrong with Checkers. Board games not your thing?… Read more »

More Seuss!!!

We’ve had so much fun with our Dr. Seuss themed library that you all keep adding to it!  I LOVE it!  Thank you for the little Cat in the Hat, the vinyl quote I have up on my wall, and all of your amazing Seuss themed crafts.  Keep them coming! And did you know about… Read more »

Our Library Makeover!

I spent the summer doing some serious overhauling of our library space, and I’m excited to show it to all of you!  I chose a Dr. Seuss theme since we are lucky enough to live in his home town.  It is light and bright, and hopefully reorganized in a way that makes it super easy… Read more »